Wood Deck Coating

Wood Deck Coating

For a wind and weather exposed wood products, the best suited treatment and coating products – Osmo, which will be specific for this wood types and applications. Osmo Decking Oil for protecting and maintaining wooden decks, garden furniture and partitions made of exotic, hardwood, softwood, heat-treated or other types of wood; also suitable for translucent treatment of teak, eucalyptus and other exotic types of wood. Osmo Oil with Wood Wax – advantages at a glance!

Benefits of Osmo oil for wood deck

The wood binders used in Osmo products are based on natural vegetable oils, penetrate deep into the wood and protect it from the inside. All Osmo products are based on oils and waxes: sunflower oil, carnauba wax, flax seed soybean and wicks oil.

  • Osmo oil help maintain the value of natural wood.
  • Osmo oil pigments are permitted in the food industry.
  • Osmo oil are made from clean, renewable plant materials.
  • Osmo oil are environmentally friendly, natural and safe coating.

Osmo oil fill the pores of the wood and prevent harmful water penetration, although they do not form a watertight film. The micro pores in the wood are not clogged, so they can absorb and release water without any harm. Micro-porous wood can breathe, provide better air quality and it is anti static (less dust absorbent) – a great solution for people with allergies. Excellent properties of oil and wax system of Osmo:

  • Wax oil does not need to be diluted
  • Long operating time eliminates brush marks
  • Wax oil for wood can be used without primer
  • Larger areas can be covered without leaving stitches
  • Excellent coverage due to high volatile matter content
  • A thin layer of oil is sufficient, so one can can cover a larger area

Use of Osmo oil for wood deck

Osmo wax oil is easy to use and quality is guaranteed! The high pigment content with high oil content gives Osmo waxes high coverage. Therefore, one or two thin layers of the product are sufficient, even without primer. Osmo oils with wax do not decay but rather wear off over time, allowing the wood to be re-coated without having to be sanded again. The surface is covered in 2 days in 2 coats:

  1. Apply the first coat of about 35 ml/m² on untreated outdoor wood.
  2. Humidity defects can be corrected within 30 minutes from the first application.
  3. Drying time about 12 hours, low temperature and higher humidity can increase drying time.
  4. Apply a second coat of about 35 ml/m². (When renovating wood, apply to the cleaned surface).
  5. The second coat has a full drying time of about 12 hours.

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