Composite Decking Boards

Solid Deck & Wood Composite Decking Boards

Decking boards from wood composite WPC with elegant design, highest quality and maximum durability – Silvadec. Made in France, mainly made of wood with the highest quality composite compound Forexia®. Silvadec – a lifetime decking!

The unique Silvadec composite blend consists of 65% wood fiber and 35% polyethylene, while the specially recycled fiber gives the Forexia® blend even greater durability, making it an exceptional material that is unmatched in Europe.

Wood composite decking boards

Silvadec wood composite is a great material for outdoor products such as decking boards because it has the appearance of wood but has no inherent disadvantages of wood:

  • Does not rot
  • Does not graying
  • Does not scratch and has no splinters
  • Does not maintenance required, just a little cleaning

This guarantees that you will have maintained high quality decking boards with a large amounts of wood, which will give you many benefits over time:

  • Easy work and further maintenance of the decking
  • Increased comfort and a sense of security all year round
  • A feeling of coziness and warmth that does not get lost with time

Better UV resistance (the sun’s non-sun-exposed surface is like a barefoot cooler), so over time, UV exposure to boards remains more stable and less fragile compared to boards that have a lower proportion of wood and more polymer.

Silvadec is fully focused on the future, which aims to harness its technology and knowledge for innovation and environmental protection.

Decking design and features

  • 1 Length – 4000 mm ***
  • 4 different colors (gray, light gray, brown, light brown)
  • 5 finishing surfaces (with grooves, wood texture, smooth, reinforced and etc..)
  • Solid and innovative design (invisible fixing system)
  • UV resistant and durable surface (non-fading)

*** By special order the length can be from 1000 to 6000 mm, the minimum order quantity is 200 m, plus 5% in extra to the price.

Advantages of composite decking

  • Non-slip and non-peeling surface
  • Free of toxic materials and PVC additives
  • Warranty of 25 years (insect and fungus free)
  • Just rinse from time to time with warm and soapy water
  • It does not require special and permanent surface treatment
  • Made in France, patented and unique technology!

Thanks to the quality of its materials, its expertise and its innovation, the Silvadec is a European leader in wood composite production.

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