NVGroup UAB has been working in the field of decks and facades and their complementary materials such as decking boards, facade siding and cladding, supports, fasteners since 2007. We can offer high quality decking boards and facade paneling made of environmentally friendly heat treated wood.

We supply only the highest quality and technical specification products from reliable European manufacturers. Our decking boards and facade siding have convenient and simple installation and invisible fixing systems. These decking boards and facade siding have a lifetime of 25-30 and often more years. We have a wealth of knowledge and practice in this field, so today we can offer you the very best!

We will probably not offer you the decking boards and facade siding at the lowest price on the market. However, we will definitely offer you the highest quality and reliable products at a mutually acceptable price. Those who value quality will certainly find us, because quality can not be cheap! We do not go for low-cost, one-off solutions, but we work consistently with reliable manufacturers. We value quality and durability, what has its value and the right price!

Natural Decking Oil OSMO 0.75/2.50 L

Indoors and Outdoors

Organic oils and stains, paints and waxes for indoor and outdoor use.

Composite Decking Boards Elegance T 23 x 138/180 mm

Decking and Supports

Decking boards of heat-treated wood and wood plastic composite.

Facade Cladding Rhombus 20/26 x 66 mm

Siding and Battens

Outdoor siding of heat-treated wood and wood plastic composite.

Terasos lagės iš aliuminio profilio

Decks and Facades

Deck and facade fixings, screws, aluminium profiles, supports, pedestals.