Thermowood Decking Boards

Thermowood Decking Boards

Install unique and durable decks and pergolas made of high quality and durable thermowood. The offered thermowood decking boards are of the highest quality and physical properties at the price of larch wood decking price. Thermowood is also an ecological choice that replaces the world’s endangered exotic wood species, both in physical and aesthetic qualities. The proposed decking boards have an invisible fastening system, making them extremely convenient and easy to install.

Reliable decking boards

Thermowood is particularly suitable for open terraces, decks, balconies, walkways, bridges, outdoor furniture, pool finish, indoor and outdoor stairs, etc. … The surface of a decking boards can be smooth – Classical profile or milled – Elegance profile.

Thermowood decking boards are the right choice for people who want a high quality, durable and beautiful deck made from natural and eco-friendly wood. Thermowood does not “walk” like tropical wood. It does not touch, crack or resin like larch, and does not rot like pine or fir. Therefore, the best choice for a humid, rather harsh and volatile Britain climate is the thermowood decking boards. The wood is cut from PEFC™ certified forest, tested and certified by KOMO.

Due to its improved insulation properties, thermowood is an excellent material for decks, which helps to balance heat and cold changes, and makes them comfortable to walk on. Thermowood decking boards are resins-free, lightweight, easy to work with and adjustable. It is an elegant, durable, chemical-free solution for decks, patios and balconies.

Advantages of thermowood

Thermowood decking boards are much more stable to external influences than boards made of “Exotic” tropical wood. Their surface is completely free of cracks, as is the surface of tropical wood. However, they are significantly cheaper than the tropical timber boards offered on the UK market. And has the great advantage of being the highest quality boards with minimal maintenance. For aesthetic reasons, we recommend simple care for boards coating every 5 to 7 years. Thermowood decking boards can also be operated without any surface treatment. In this way, the rain, wind and the ultraviolet rays of the sun will give the decking an elegant shade of gray. An investment in thermowood is a long-term, high-quality, aesthetic investment in the well-being of your home and the surrounding environment.

The proposed decking boards are made of heat-treated northern pine and Canadian ash. Also decking boards made of heat-treated Canadian ash are the benchmark for luxury, elegance and aesthetics. Completely replacing exotic wood species such as: Teak, Cumaru, Ipe, Masaranduba, Iroko etc. Ideal for UK climatic conditions and their changes. Thermo treated ash is used for outdoor terraces, pool decoration, balconies, decking and etc.

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