Facade Cladding & Siding

Outdoor Facade Siding

Spatial stability and durability make outdoor siding and cladding from thermowood ideal for outdoor use. The higher resistance of wood to rot and weather conditions offers the greatest advantage for outdoor use. Thermowood shows that Scandinavian soft wood can be successfully used in cold, hot and humid weather conditions. In addition, all our outdoor siding and facade finishing products are CE certified in Europe.

Cladding of Thermowood

Raw wood used in the production of outdoor paneling and siding: Northern pine and spruce, Radiant pine and Canadian ash. During production, the resin is removed from the wood by heat treatment without any other chemicals. Heat treatment of wood improves the thermal insulation properties of wood, which transforms these outdoor siding into energy efficient. And the typical smell of heat-treated wood smoke disappears over time. Thermowood can create a refined home atmosphere in public buildings and private homes.

Certification agency BRE certifies “The expected lifetime of Thermo-D siding used in the UK is 30 years, provided that the manufacturer’s instructions and best practice construction principles are followed.” Outdoor siding should be protected from UV light by treating it with tinted oil with wax, stain, paint or other wood care products.

Siding for Thermowood

Outdoor siding and facade finishes can be painted or treated with wood oil, wax, stain or paraffin oil, which not only protects the wood but also enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Surface treatment or coating of smooth or scaled siding is easy at the installation site. Due to the spatial stability of thermowood, the paint on the siding and paneling remains unbroken, while oils and stains do not crack. Further surface maintenance is no longer required as often as maintenance of untreated wood siding. The resin is removed from the wood during the thermal process, which means that the resin pockets and tubers will not damage the appearance of the wood in the future.

Semi-parallel (trapezoidal) or parallel (diamond-shaped) siding can be used to give style and impressiveness or to hide certain things on the facades. Outdoor siding and facade finishing products also have other applications and can be used for roofing, fencing, front doors and other environmental structures.

Always consult with professional vendors to find out more about proper methods for treating a wood surface. Consult the available instructions for installing and fastening outdoor siding and paneling from thermowood.

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