Maintenance Of Thermowood

Maintenance Of Thermowood

Although heat-treated wood is resistant, it is recommended to use some type of surface treatment to protect the heat-treated wood from airborne dirt. Wood that is completely untreated can also be used, but the brown color of the wood will fade and turn gray over time due to exposure to UV rays. The weathered wood has an elegant appearance and retains its useful properties. The surface of the wood simply creates a protective layer on its own. The original brown color can be restored with effective detergents that can be followed by surface treatment.

If necessary, surface treatment should be resumed. The need for the upgrade depends on the climate, the extent of use and the intensity of UV light reaching the products. The normal period for maintenance of painted wood is approximately 5 years. With the use of heat-treated wood, this maintenance interval, when repainting the wood, can be greatly prolonged. And this period can be three times longer than normal. The use of facade cladding and decking boards made of heat-treated wood, covered with high-quality and stable cover, offers considerable potential for savings, because these products will be long life.

Outdoor care of thermowood

To prevent scratches and discoloration, it is recommended that wooden outdoor products be covered with coatings that will protect the wood from adverse weather conditions and UV radiation. If the natural color of heat-treated wood is to be maintained, the wood must be treated by suitable means. UV radiation and rain make the wood gray and pale, so it must be covered with protective agents or oils. Heat-treated thermowood may also be painted. Pre-painting of the wood surface helps to preserve the paint. Heat-treated thermowood can also be left uncovered and naturally grayed. In this way, the ultraviolet rays of the sun will provide an elegant shade of gray.

In order for the thermowood to achieve the ideal moisture ratio, it must be left for several days outdoors or indoors where it will be used. The surface color can be maintained by treating the boards with a pigmented wood oil, wax, wood stain, paint or varnish with UV protection. Coatings with UV protection will protect the thermowood surface from lightening and also enhance the natural structure pattern of the thermowood. Surface treatment can be done immediately before installation or immediately after installation by applying a thin protective layer to the wood.

It is recommended to keep unused thermowood (without surface coating), away from sun and rain. Always consult a professional supplier to find out more about proper surface treatment and maintenance techniques.

Indoor care of thermowood

Conventional paints, wood oils, waxes and varnishes can be used for interior decoration. Paraffin oil can be used for saunas in combination with surface pigments to enhance the color of heat treated wood and protect it from dirt. Heat-treated wood is still a hygienic material and is therefore suitable for use in semi-humid and humid rooms. It is recommended to protect the thermowood used for sauna, bath or shower walls and benches, with an oil-based coating or sauna varnish. It is protection wood of against water and dirt, as well as against possible fracture of the edges. Any excess used must be cleaned. In addition, the coating manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed.