Finnish Quality Thermowood

Finnish Quality Thermowood

The Finns were among the first to start the production of heat-treated wood (thermowood) in the world. With over 20 years of experience today, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat-treated wood. Capable of offering a wide range of products for both interior and exterior finishes. Excellent know-how combined with state-of-the-art technology solutions will ensure that continue to maintain the highest quality of products that are highly regarded in the market.

Manufacturers offer some of the best products from heat-treated wood that are beautiful, long-lasting, functional and environmentally friendly, which is achieved through continuous product development. This technology does not exploit our planet – all products are made without the use of any chemicals, they are not harmful to their disposal, and the wood used is not endangered to local forest and rainforest.

Heat treatment of wood is a process controlled by computer systems and is carried out in special heating chambers at high temperatures and high humidity. Only steam and high heat are used and no chemicals are used in production.

Heat treated wood or thermowood

Heat treatment of wood (+185 to +215º C) allows to change wood properties. The treatment consists of heating the wood, when the wood’s combustion temperature is reached, when the water is evaporated from the wood and this serves as a protective function of the wood. Heat treatment can be used to change the properties of wood to those required for a particular type of production. Changing temperatures, changing processing times and changing drying techniques give new properties to heat treated wood. The properties of wood are improved by providing wood form stability, thermal insulation, rot resistance and wood flexibility when transformed into different products shapes.

Along with the various chemical changes that occur in wood, the likelihood of shrinkage and expansion of wood, which depends on the moisture content of the wood, is considerably reduced. This makes it possible to improve the dimensional stability of the wood after modification of the wood – heat treatment. By reducing hemicellulosic compounds (sugar chains), the wood loses the nutrients that cause rotting fungus. The ability of heat-treated wood to absorb water is greatly reduced and its resistance to decay is increased, without the use of any harmful chemical additives.

During the heat treatment, the wood becomes uniform brown in color. Color intensity can be influenced by a variety of wood processing temperatures. The darkness of different woods is due to their natural properties.

Experience guarantees quality of thermowood

With more than 20 years of experience in the heat treatment of wood and in collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal cameras, the Finns have developed the best wood heat treatment programs to achieve the highest quality of products.

The range of products manufacture includes heat-treated wood, which has two levels of processing: Medium and Intensive. Medium treated wood may have a light to medium brown color. Heat treatment increases the stability of the wood and enhances the natural beauty of the wood structure. Medium treated wood is only suitable for interior decoration and is an excellent material for floors and siding.

The intensive treatment of wood has outstanding dimensional shape stability and durability, and the service life of the wood is significantly extended. Therefore, Intensive heat treatment wood is suitable for both external and internal finishing. This wood is mainly used for decking boards, outdoor siding and solid flooring. Due to its extremely high stability, this wood can be used in rooms with high humidity and is ideal for heated floors. Depending on the type of wood, the color of intensive processing wood can range from medium brown to luxurious dark brown.

Heat treated wood is truly durable, has a higher spatial stability and a lower equilibrium moisture content compared to untreated wood. All the benefits of heat-treated wood make this wood an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood and exotic wood, and is gaining popularity worldwide.

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