Deck Surface Coating

Deck Surface Coating

Osmo oil for decking boards is used to protect and maintain wooden decking, garden furniture, gazebos and other wooden structures. Suitable for many wood species. Oil for decking boards smoothed wood surface, prevents penetration of water and dirt. The water repellent surface does not crack, peel or blister. Surfaces which already has coated with color, the protective oil Osmo helps further protects against UV rays and increases the intervals between surface refinishing. Easy to renew, no sanding or priming required. And the final layer protects the wood from the graying process up to 12 times longer than the untreated wood surface. Osmo Oil contains additives that prevent the appearance of moss, lichen and mold. Just apply on the surface without sanding. Simple and fast work!

Osmo coating & colors

The range includes ten different shades, anti-slip coating and cross-section wax. We recommend darker colors due to the longer UV protection of the wood. ATTENTION: Osmo teak oil is clear and therefore does not protect against ultraviolet rays (graying process).

004 Oil for Douglas fir wood;
006 Oil for Bangkirai wood (light);
007 Oil for Teak wood (clear);
009 Oil for Larch wood;
010 Oil for Thermo-wood;
013 Oil for Garapa wood;
014 Oil for Massaranduba wood;
016 Oil for Bangkirai wood (dark);
019 Oil for Gray stain wood;
021 Oil for dark Oak wood;
430 Anti-skidding oil (clear);
5735 Cross-section wax (clear);

Osmo oil yield for wooden surface

The uncoated surface is covered with two coats. Previously oiled surfaces – once. Osmo oil yield:

1 liter – about 24 m² in one coat
1 liter – about 12 m² in two coats
Tools used: brush, roller, sponge, trowel

Note: Osmo oil coverage parameters depend on the type and condition of the wood. All information is provided on the assumption that the wood is smooth and planed. For other surfaces, such as painted or structural wood, the cost may increase. The result depends on the type and properties of the wood (eg surface). For these reasons, we recommend that you try the product first.

Osmo wood care products are made from natural oils and waxes and have for many years been recognized as one of the best in Europe.

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