Adjustable Facade Anchors

Adjustable Facade Anchors

Trustworthy decisions extend life quality, somehow, in the fall we often remember the saying that heat does not break bones and that cold does it. For those who are living in newer houses already do not need to “twist” their heads, because of the good heating in the of mid-fall or winter. At least it should be! But if your house has seen for decades the wind and cold, which now penetrating everywhere and you plan restoration. Or maybe you plan building a new house and you are going to good insulate it. You will need the structure and materials of insulation.

You ask, but structure and insulating materials is only materials, how to attach them qualitatively? And it is true, that house insulation can turn into a long process, especially if you use the wrong fasteners to attach the insulation materials. Therefore, it is best to choose those that will not deliver you problems. Above all simplify and speed up your work or even save your structure and insulation materials of facade. These are the quality BeziFix Therm BT anchors. These anchors can be used with soft, hard or blown facade insulation and insulation materials up to 300 mm thick.

What’s special about the BeziFix Therm BT anchors? Unlike most other anchors on the market, these have a distance adjustment feature that is convenient and saves time. They also have the original JS 500 surface coating for added corrosion protection. The BeziFix Therm BT anchors are technically tested and certified by the German Institute of Construction and Technology. But as they say, it’s better to see once than to hear hundreds of times, so here’s a video.

What else are BeziFix Therm BT anchors suitable for? Adjustable facade anchors are useful for fixing wooden facade structures to wooden, concrete, masonry or porous concrete substrates, as well as ventilated facade structures and cladding installation. These anchors are universal – they are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation of the facade structure (frame). The BeziFix Therm BT anchors meet the highest quality standards for a truly reliable facade structure fixing solution.

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