Quality Decking Boards

Quality Decking Boards

The market of decking boards are congested especially in wood plastic composite and the real value these days is to find a product that will be high quality, fashionable and practical at once. It’s even harder to find one that is environmentally friendly and durable. This is exactly the wood plastic composite – manufactured by Silvadec. It is time-tested and highly valued by customers around the world for a highly advanced and durable wood-plastic compound. They produce decking boards, facade siding, fence boards, and finishing elements.

Silvadec has a patented manufacturing process that combines solid wood fibers with high quality plastic polymers, resulting in attractive, durable and easy-to-maintain decking boards. Product is developed and manufactured in France!

Decking – year after year

An advantage of Silvadec terrace boards is the use of Forexia treated wood fibers. During the Forexia modification process, the wood undergoes physical and chemical changes that provide a natural resistance to rot along with the spatial stability that occurs in both heat and humidity. All of this means that with minimal maintenance on this product, your deck will remain beautiful for years.

Silvadec wood plastic composite decking boards are solid, offering excellent durability, retaining color, shape and durability in all weather conditions. Warranty is a 25 years! Simple maintenance and excellent strength properties give you a wonderful and durable deck. Due to its density, the decking boards of Silvadec have more wood fiber per meter than they are found in a piece of pure wood!

Composition of wood plastic composite

Silvadec decking boards consist of Forexia wood fiber and recycled polyethylene. The wood fiber content of Silvadec is approximately 65% by weight. Polyethylene is a 100% recycled and non-toxic plastic that accounts for approximately 35% by weight of Silvadec. The product does not use PVC.

Wood plastic composite decking boards Silvadec looks very natural and smell like real wood. This is a beautiful and durable decking for your home!

Advantages of wood plastic composite

  • Solid decking boards
  • Best dimensional stability
  • Highest resistance and strength class! Warranty 25 years!
  • Different colors (dark gray, light gray, dark brown, light brown)
  • Elegant design – 3 different surfaces (smooth, fluted, wood texture)
  • The profile measures 23 x 138 mm and 23 x 180 mm
  • One length of 4000 mm is possible ***

*** By special order the length can be from 1000 to 6000 mm, the minimum order quantity is 200 m, plus 5% in extra to the price.

Maintenance-free decking boards

Wood plastic composite decking boards not only looks good and last a long time, they are also easier to maintain than pure wood decking boards. No special surface treatment or regular oiling is required. The Silvadec decking boards do not fade and retain their color perfectly. The color may only slightly fade in the first months after installation until the product has finally settled in the field.

When wood plastic composite decking boards of Silvadec gets dirty, it is enough to clean it with warm water or use a gentle pressure washer. The pressure should not exceed 10 bar and the distance between the water and the terrace surface of the washing equipment should not be less than 30 cm. We recommend that you clean fresh stains immediately with warm water and a natural cleaning agent.